15 Celebs Dissed By Eminem

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Eminem can spit some solid rhymes but bruh could clearly use a hug judging from all the shade he is infamous for throwing… especially at other celebs.

The dude’s kind of a butt plug. Whether its been in a song or just an unsolicited rant, Eminem has certainly been Slim hella Shady. In fact he’s done it enough times for us to make a video about it so we’re bringing you a rundown of 15 unfortunate celebs Eminem has dissed.

1.Backstreet Boys
2.Ricky Martin
4.Britney Spears
5.Jessica Simpson
6.Mariah Carey
7.Lana Del Rey
8.Christina Aguilera
9.Khloe Kardashian
10.Kim Kardashian
11. Gaga
12. Lindsay Lohan
13. John Mayer
14. Rihanna
15. Iggy Azalea

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