Lil Happy Lil Sad - My Revenge Prod. Lilhappylilsad

Download link: Lil Happy Lil Sad - My Revenge (prod. Lilhappylilsad).mp3


i know i did before but i dont fuckin love you no more
you made me hate myself girl did you love me at all
i tried to kill myself girl you wouldnt pick up my calls
i know you knew what i was doin but u wanted me gone

i dont care cause someone else is fuckin waiting for me
she got everything you dont she is all that i need
see me smile see me rollin see me smoking my weed
cant believe i wasted time cause now im starting to heal

ever since u fuckin left ive been moving my ways
makin music everyday helps me handle the pain
makin music everyday is a highway to fame
i dont chase but i want it girl remember my name

ill be one of them
youll never see me girl again
if i dont kill myself
the scene is mine girl my revenge

i cant stand it girl i beg you please dont do that no more / you always pass out leave me crying wipin blood off the floor

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