Paper Airplane Flight Around Corridors

Download link: Paper Airplane Flight Around Corridors.mp3

An indoor paper airplane walkalong glider is flown down several corridors. A sheet of clear plastic manipulated by the pilot creates a wave of rising air under the paper airplane which both sustains and controls its flight. For more information on how the glider is made please see:

If this is your first attempt at walkalong gliding it is strongly recommended you learn how to sustain and control a tumblewing design such as that described here:

For information on other designs see the web site on Controllable Slope Soaring:

For a demonstration on how a paper airplane can fly forever see:

Just print out this 2 sided page on your laser printer:
Download the Paper Airplane Surfer design flown in this video at: #slide=id.p

For information on folding see:

but this plane will fly fast:
because it is made from copier paper. The purple plane is made from florist waxed tissue paper, much lighter stuff and slower flying!

Here is a video showing where I got the tissue paper and how to build the design:

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