The Most Bizarre Celeb Conspiracy Theories

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Some seemingly far fetched rumors about celebrities end up being true, but then there are completely insane conspiracy theories like these. Despite how kooky some of these rumors are, there are people who wholeheartedly believe in them. Most of these theories have no basis in reality and no actual evidence, but don't bother explaining that to anyone who believes them...

The slain beauty queen reborn | 0:22
The government-ordered meltdown | 1:09
The CIA assassin | 1:51
Frankenmiley | 2:53
The real Momma Knowles | 3:38
The un-won Oscar | 4:17
The living legend | 5:04
The sister-brother hybrid | 5:45
Keeping up with Khloe's dad | 6:21
The prodigal daughter | 7:14
The Satanist clone | 8:24

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