10 Crazy New Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

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Popstar Taylor Swift has been associated with quite a few celebrity conspiracy theories. Here are 10 Crazy NEW Celebrity Conspiracy Theories.

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4.Willy Wonka
Well, Willy Wonka was never -really- a celebrity. But his storybook and movie were famous! Also, actor Gene Wilder was a legend in his own right. The film chronicles the wild and wonky world inside Willy Wonka’s extravagant and colorful chocolate factory through the eyes of a young boy named Charlie. There are bubble chambers, chocolate rivers, and Oompa Loompas that walk around the factory, often breaking into song and dance routines. So, what gives? How could a movie that’s already so outrageous have a conspiracy theory about it?Commenter Pau Lvs 88 on Reddit presented the theory that the Golden Ticket that Charlie won in order to go visit the factory was indeed rigged in order to give an underprivileged child a chance instead. For example, if Charlie had won the ticket from many miles away, like all the other children in the factory, he probably wouldn’t have had the chance to go to the factory. Furthermore, there’s no way he could have the opportunity to moved in his entire family to the factory at the end of the film. The theory also insists that the candy shop owner was an operative for Willy Wonka, because he led Charlie to pick the winning chocolate bar. One thing is for certain- this conspiracy theory sure is sweet!

3.Pharaoh of Pop

Michael Jackson was known to have filled his famous Neverland Ranch home with millions of dollars worth of antiques, artifacts and keepsakes. It’s hard to believe that this Egyptian statue is not just a custom made sculpture of the late King of Pop’s face, but a three thousand year old Egyptian model that is now on display at the The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. Many fans now flock to the museum in order to spectate at its likeness to Jackson. I was made in the New Kingdom period- the same time as the legacy of Egypt’s infamous King Tut- around 1500 BC. As pictured here, the nose is practically gone and is therefore reminiscent of Jackson’s many botched plastic surgery jobs, there is no relation between the two. The practice of removing noses from statues was and extremely popular practice amongst early Muslims and Christians, because they wanted to make them seem less human. As a matter of fact, many if not most of the remaining Egyptian statues do not contain their original noses. The plague of the missing noses does not just affect Egyptian statues, either. Many from the Roman and Greek stone creations are missing as well. Jackson never publicly talked about why he chose to undergo plastic surgery so many times on his nose, but it continued to vanish over the years. This statue is just another mystery to add to the vault of Michael Jackson mysteries. What do you think?

2.Friend or Faux
Popstar Taylor Swift has been associated with quite a few celebrity conspiracy theories. They have ranged from innocent tabloid gossip, like suggesting her relationship with Tom Hiddleston was all planned, to super incriminating, accusing her of being a reborn Satanist cult leader. But recently accusations that her public feud with Katy Perry have been brought up by some. It is quite bizarre how the two so publicly mention the feud in their songs. Taylor Swift broke barriers with her song “Bad Blood” in 2014 and Perry recently released her song, “Swish Swish” as an apparent clap back. Some theorize that Taylor and Perry were actually best friends, but they needed to created a fake feud in the media to gain certain things. With the her approaching Super Bowl performance, Perry needed the press in order to gain attention. And Taylor, on the other hand, was looking to move away from her image as a woman scorned.

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1.Stevie Wonder Can See
There have been rumors for decades about the state of Stevie Wonder’s vision. It’s hard to believe that the mega successful singer, songwriter, and piano player has been able to enjoy such a fruitful musical career completely blind. He is the Beethoven of our time. However, attention arose again to the topic when Wonder told a TMZ reporter that “the truth would be revealed” in 2017. The reporter got him to admit that he had landed a place twice in this lifetime. This was likely a sarcastic remark from Wonder, after all- it’s sort of insulting for people to ask you about a disability that you have lived with and conquered your entire life. More speculation has been stirred by a short YouTube clip of him grabbing for a fallen mic stand. It’s probably likely that Wonder has fumbled with many dropped mic stands his entire career,and he’s just a pro at it at this point. Joke or no joke, we’re certainly curious as to what Wonder wants to “reveal” in 2017.

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