Kendall Jenners Impressive Hidden Talent Alicia Keys Adele Impression On Tonight Late Late Show

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Watch Kendall Jenner Bird Whistle and Alicia Keys Adele Alphabet Song
What a night in the world of Late Night Television yesterday. James Cordon had the genius idea of getting his guests to demonstrate their hidden talents. Kendall Jenner and Taylor Lautner had some extremely impressive and unexpected gifts. Kendall claimed she can whistle so well that she can impersonate any kind of bird. And that she did.

Who knew the supermodel had such talents? Then Taylor proclaimed on national television, "I can catch grapes in my mouth from any distance and at any velocity." So James started out by throwing grapes at a normal distance, but when Taylor kept pushing him to go further, James finally ended up at the back of the theater. After expressing his doubt that Taylor could catch the grape at this distance, Taylor responded, "You might have to throw it overhand."

Awww good times, good times. Moving on to Jimmy Fallon, who also had a genius idea for his guest, Alicia Keys. He had her spin the "Wheel of Musical Impressions.

First she had to impersonate her co-star on The Voice, Gwen Stefani. Aced it. Then, she had to impersonate Adele The Great, who just beat out Beyonce at the Grammys- no pressure there.

Ok, so who gets the prize for the Best Late Night Performance? Kendall and her bird whistling? Taylor and his grape stunt, or Alicia and her remarkable musical impressions? Comment below.

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