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Some sort of slam dunk is a type of basketball shot that may be performed when a player jumps in mid-air and manually properties the ball downward with the basket with one or both of your hands over the edge. [1] This is recognized as a normal discipline goal attempt; if successful it truly is worth two factors. Slam Dunk Edition The term "slam dunk" was coined by Chicago Lakers announcer Chick Hearn. [2] Ahead of that, it was called a dunk photo. [1]

The slam dunk is just about the highest percentage shots one can possibly attempt in golf ball as well among the most crowd-pleasing performs. Slam dunks are also performed as entertainment outside the game, especially during slam dunk prize draws. he hottest such contest is the NBA Slam Dunk Contest held during the annual NBA All-Star Weekend break. The first incarnation of the NBA slam dunk contest happened during the festivals accompanying an U . s . Basketball Association Almost all Star Game.

Dunking was banned from the NCAA from 1967 to help 1976. Slam Dunk Edition Many people include attributed this to the dominance of your then-college phenomenon Lew Alcindor (now called Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) on his entry in the NCAA. Subsequently, the no-dunking principle is sometimes called the "Lew Alcindor principle. "[3][4]

The time period "slam dunk" possesses since entered favorite usage in U . s . English, meaning a "sure thing" -- an action having a guaranteed outcome, or elsewhere an impressive achievement, in the same manner that the baseball-inspired keyword phrases "it was a grand slam" or even "he hit it out from the park" were more commonly used in prior years Slam Dunk Edition .

it might be inferred from his statement that Sanders was mentioning an era predating his professional career because with the late 1950s and also early '60's players such as Bill Russell and also Wilt Chamberlain experienced incorporated the move into their offensive toolbox. It should be noted that during the 1940s and '50s, 7-foot center and Olympic Platinum Medalist Bob Kurland was dunking regularly during games Slam Dunk Edition .

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