Top 10 Shockingly Accurate Cartoon Predictions

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From The Simpsons predicting Trumps presidency to Family guy predicting Paul Walkers death, here are 10 Shockingly Accurate Cartoon Predictions that came true
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Featuring... The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency - It might seem hard to accept at first, but the same people responsible for giving us the most jaundice-riddled town since LEGO City apparently write their show with some kind of crystal ball. But you know what? Predicting Trump’s “shock” victory isn’t all that much of a leap. Partly because back in the day you were only allowed to write for The Simpsons if you had a Harvard education. The Simpsons predicted industrial scale horsemeat - There’s a South Park episode in which the writers point out that no matter what idea you think of for a story, at some point in the last 400 billion Seasons, the “Simpsons did it”. Well now the “Simpsons did it” mantra is slipping into real life. Instead of predicting the ebb & flow of politics, those Harvard nerds started predicting food-based controversies. The Simpsons predicted radiation-affected tomatoes. - The show has been around for so many years now, and crams so many ideas into each and every episode, that it was inevitable they would predict the future a couple of times. Way back in 1999, Matt Groening and the gang did an episode where tomato seeds and tobacco seeds get mixed up. Cue the arrival of disgusting mutant tomatoes! Or tomacco… Family Guy predicting Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender. - Now… Matt Groening is not the only budding clairvoyant biding his time as an animator. The King of Controversy with the voice of an angel that is Seth McFarlane is no stranger to guessing the future. And no, living Teddy bears aren’t a thing... yet. South Park predicting controversy over Confederate Flags. - Right. So… roughly 800 years ago when it was only season 4 of South Park, the show’s characters debate the possibility of changing their town flag. Basically they’re worried it might seem racist to modern eyes. Others, however, defend the flag because it’s always been there. BOTH Family Guy and American Dad predicted the Boston Bombings - Let’s pop back to Seth Macfarlane for a bit. The Family Guy episode Turban Cowboy, broadcast back in March 2013, has been noted by fans as having a lot of parallels with the Boston Marathon Bombings, which happened a month AFTER the episode transmitted. But most noteworthy of these parallels: in the episode Peter accidentally triggers TWO bombs. Family Guy predicted Robin William’s suicide. - This one is a little wishy washy, but hear me out! So… In the Family Guy episode Fatman & Robin, Peter Griffin is given King Midas style powers. The thing is, instead of turning things to gold with a single touch- he turns them into history’s hairiest comedian: Robin Williams. The basic gist of the episode is that Peter thinks his niche new powers will make his life funnier, more enjoyable. But a little overwhelmed by the constant presence of Robin, Peter makes an attempt on his life. Lots of people have drawn a link between this episode and the fact that, in real life, Robin sadly took his own life. However, One CARTOON that guessed a surprising number of future gadgets and gizmos is The Jetsons. Family guy predicted Paul Walkers death - In the November 2013 episode called “Life of Brian”, after a few time travel related mishaps, Brian is killed by an out of control driver. After this episode aired few people thought anything much of it, but there was a major coincidence on the way. Merely a week later, Fast and Furious star Paul Walker, whose character in the hit franchise was also called Brian, was killed in a car crash when the Porsche he was a passenger in struck a concrete lamppost. The Simpsons predicted faulty machines in the 2008 presidential election. - Way, way back before celebrities were dropping like flies, in the innocent times of 2012, in Pennsylvania a seemingly innocuous voting booth developed a republican bias. Seeing as the Republican Party was actually founded by anti-slavery activists, it makes sense that should machines ever escape their OWN slavery, they’d vote red. They’d go with the anti-slavers for sure! The truth is, it was just a faulty machine. I mean… Who knows? Maybe it was a full-on hack by Obama haters.

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